Me-oh-my -- you're seeing me with my hair up! I honestly wear my hair up all of the time (well, at home or during our evening walks at least), but never on the blog! Why? Well, I don't actually have a good answer for that, haha! I'm just so used to wear it down with my everyday looks, but thought I would rock something a little different this time around. I was feeling a bit Parisian this day, and thought the top knot complemented my look (if I do say so myself, haha). Anyways, with the temps rising (it was 108 today), wearing my hair up feels like a must! And with no breaks to be seen until October, I'm sure you'll see me rocking my hair up way more often (if not here, on Instagram Stories at least!).

With the end of May right around the corner, I'm doing my best to prep for a long, hot summer! Living in Arizona my whole life, I've always known that once June hits - summer is here and it's time to start either hiding indoors or getting out of town as often as possible. Well, since we can't do the latter every weekend -- I'm trying to plan a few fun activities that we can do together while beating the summer heat! On the list so far -- concerts at our favorite indoor venue, coffee shop hopping (iced coffees all around) and indoor pop-up shops for Citizen Home Decor! I'm sure I'll be adding to this list as summer inches closer and closer, but here's to remembering that it's only heat and there's still so much to do in Phoenix! Well, that and -- cooler temps in California are only a short drive away! ;)

Citrus season is about over here in the desert, but you'll still find the occasional orange, lemon, grapefruit or even lime peaking through the neighborhood trees. I grew up not too far from an orange grove, so I've always loved citrus season and seeing the trees in full bloom -- chock full of yummy fruit just waiting to be picked. Scott and I have tried our hand at growing our own citrus, but alas -- it's harder than it appears! We still have an orange tree that's been holding on for dear life the past few months -- here's to hoping it makes it threw another summer and gives us some fruit next citrus season! 

Madewell Silk Bandana                                                                            
Madewell Setlist Boxy Tee                                                                                                        Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                    Madewell Marfa Circle Crossbody                                                                                                           Vince Camuto Sandals (similar!)

How has your week been so far? Yesterday we celebrated our sweet niece's fourth birthday, and tonight we made a strawberry salsa for a little competition tomorrow! It's been a pretty low-key week thus far, but I have a hunch that the rest of the week may be a bit nutty -- we will see! Hope ya'll have a great one, and talk soon, friends!

-Chelsea xo