Ok ya'll, I know I've been hinting here there about a BIG trip Scott and I are gearing up to go on later this month -- and today I thought it was finally time to share where we're headed! Scott and I have been dreaming of this trip since we were teenagers and are SO excited to share that after years of dreaming, saving up and finally booking those spendy plane tickets -- we're headed across the pond to London and Paris!

I can't even get over how amazing it feels to finally have this trip on the books after years of dreaming that one day we'd get there together! We'll be spending five days in London and six days in Paris, so if you have any suggestions -- we're all ears! At the top of our list so far:

London: Buckingham Palace, Sketch, Hyde Park, Harrods & the London Eye! 

Paris: Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Sezane, Catacombs of Paris, and Versailles!  

I've been keeping a tight eye on all things London + Paris lately, including digging through some of my fav UK + Euro based Instagrammer's feeds for shopping, coffee + food and adventure inspiration! We truly can't wait to take ya'll along with us on this trip of a lifetime and promise to stay in touch here and via Instagram while we're there! 

It feels so good to finally let the cat out of the bag and I can't thankful ya'll enough for being excited with us! Now it's time to brush up on my French and get my London lingo down! I'll be back soon, friends -- but until then, au revoir! 

-Chelsea xo

*Photo by the amazing Dawn Photo!