Happy Thursday, friends! I'm back tonight to share a few more photos from our spring shoot with our rad friend Dawn (who we met in Portland this past January)! Dawn recently sent us a beautiful gallery full of the most special moments - in the desert, at home, by the Salt River -- everywhere we love! Scott, Dawn and I did a full tour of Phoenix while she was here, and to say that we had a bit of fun would be an understatement! Anyways, I couldn't help but share just a few more (for now, at least)! I'm still so obsessed with the orange glow of the desert photos, and how perfectly Dawn captured our love in our tiny home! 

I feel like I truly can't say this enough, but don't ever, ever underestimate the joy of having photos taken with your loved ones! It's true what they say -- a photo is worth a thousand words (plus more, in my opinion)! Have fun with them -- dance, relax in your home, hold your furry pets. It's all about capturing those moments in time that seem to go by in the blink of an eye!

Thank you SO much to Dawn for capturing these moments + making Scott and I look REAL cool! ;) // 10 1/2 years later and I still get all googly eyed looking at cute photos of this boy! If only you could see the first few photos I saw of him -- picture lots of stripes and the lankiest, brown-haired boy you ever did see! Here's to love! And capturing your love, friends!

-Chelsea xo

All photos taken by the wonderful Dawn Photo