Happy Monday, friends! I hope ya'll are doing well and that you had a wonderful weekend! Scott and I had a pretty low-key one around here, well -- after dropping off our first order at the new West Elm Phoenix location, ECK! If you haven't heard our exciting news yet, you can read all about it here! Aside from that, we did a little plant shopping, some work around the house and caught up on this season's Southern Charm (my guilty pleasure)! It was a perfect weekend if you ask me!   

Anyways, I've got some fun news to share -- Scott and I are super stoked to be teaming up with our sweet friends at Keep It Wild to style up a few of their awesome t-shirts, like this roam worthy tee that saw us through a fun adventure a few weeks ago! They're a locally based company run by two sweet couples AND ten percent of their profits go to hosting wilderness cleanups, which is SO rad -- so if you're in the market for a few new tees this summer, be share and have a peek around their website!

Ok ya'll, I have something to admit -- Scott and I tend to match, A LOT! Haha! Like this morning, I pulled out my clothes first and later found Scott wearing a super similar shirt + same color jeans -- I guess that just happens when you get married! Anyways, I thought these Roam On tees would be super cute to wear together -- they're not exactly matchy, matchy, but I wouldn't be mad if we wore them on the same day - kind of like we did here! Alright -- I'll stop being so dorky in three, two...

Scott and I are set to have a pretty busy week around here with getting ready for our big trip (which is coming up quickly -- promise, promise to share where we're headed to soon), and celebrating the opening of the new West Elm store! Oh, and how is next week already the 4th of July? Do you guys have any plans? We're hoping to celebrate the big day somewhere much, much cooler -- we will see! 

Madewell Bandana                                                                            
Keep It Wild Roam On Tees                                                                                                            Madewell High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                       Ellen and James Rattan Bag                                                                                                              Navy Eras c/o Vans  

What's everyone's week look like? Beating the heat with ALL the iced coffee? If so, I feel ya! Anyways, I'll be be back soon, friends! Here's to a great one!

-Chelsea xo