Hey friends! Can you believe we're already almost half way into the month? I know I probably say this every season, but I swear -- this summer is going by so fast! And on that note, I want thank ya'll so much for your sweet words and recommendations in regards to our big summer trip news! We are SO excited to be heading on over to the other side of the pond (and beyond), and are super, super stoked to be able to share all about our trip with ya while we're over there! We leave in just about two weeks, so I guess we should start packing soon - haha! Anyways, I also have some exciting news -- this sweet Yosemite tee is now available in the Keep It Wild shop! I'm sure their National Parks Collections will sell out fast, so I would suggest that you RUNNN (not walk) to their site ASAP to pick up your very own! 

Aside from prepping for our trip, Scott and I have been focusing on a few big projects (include a few home updates - promise to share more on those soon) recently. Since the opening of the new West Elm location (with their very own Citizen HD pieces in tow), Scott has been working on customer orders, prepping for pop-up shops and get things all set up before we hop on a jet plane! Ya'll, he's been working SO hard and I'm SO proud of him! Feeling so blessed to see him doing what he loves most every day! xo

How has everyone's week been? This past week has been a bit nutty with work, projects and evening plans, but I am excited to hopefully get in a little R&R this weekend before "the big push" that I imagine is going to happen a week or so before our trip. I keep asking myself if we're forgetting anything big (tickets - check! passport - check! travel attire - check? ECK), but I already have a feeling that everything will follow into place. Lately I've found myself stalking a few of my fav UK YouTubers/bloggers to see their favorite places and spaces in the city! I'm secretly wishing that I'll run to Kate La Vie, Wish, Wish, Wish or maybe even The Anna Edit while we're out there -- but I guess we'll just have to see! 

Cuyana Summer Hat                                                                             
Keep It Wild Yosemite Tee                                                                                                            Madewell High-Rise Skinny Jeans                                                                                                       Ellen and James Rattan Bag                                                                                                              Nisolo Huarache Sandals   

What's the rest of everyone's week look like? Beating the heat with ALL the iced coffee, I hope! I'm going to be finishing up a big project, working on my packing list and dreaming of the two full weeks of cooler weather on the horizon, haha! Anyways, I'll be be back soon, friends! Oh, and don't forget -- order your Yosemite tee now while you still can! ;) 

-Chelsea xo