Happy Monday! The end of July is here! This month was, yet again, another whirlwind! We started off the beginning of the month in SLC where we celebrated the 4th with family and enjoyed a little break from the hot, hot, heat. From here, the rest of the month was a whirlwind --- we prepped for a big home shoot (more on that later!), worked through more of our travel plants, had a pop-up shop for Citizen Home Decor at the Phoenix West Elm, hosted our dear friend, Dawn, and made a whole lot of Christmas ornaments and coasters. It was a busy one, but by far one of our best months of the year! 

We ended the month by boarding a jet plane and hopping the pond to London, England! We'll be here for a few days exploring the city, taking in the sights and drinking lots of tea + coffee before we head on over to Paris for a few days - ECK! Anyways, ready for a few peeks into our home during the month of July? Without further ado -

-- Scott and I recently purchased this wood and marble side table from West Elm after humming and hawing on what to put in this space for what feels like ages (there was a tall plant stand + hanging plant here previously)! The side table has been on my wish list forever (along with the matching coffee table), and I am SO happy with how well it complements this space. PS Here's a few tips on how to style a photo ledge - like the one we have pictured here! 

-- Our vintage Mid-Century dresser is looking mighty fine stacked with fresh flowers, art work and our favorite trinkets and treasures. The blue and white bowling pin was still life oil painting that Scott made while in college, and the Dala horse was a gift from my folks from their trip to Sweden last year. While both have pieces that have such different meanings and memories associated to them, they're equally as special in my book.

-- A peek at my home office where I can usually be found Mondays and Fridays, working away and sipping on iced coffee. I actually didn't spend a whole lot of time in here this month, but it's always a space that I know I can rely on to be peaceful and quiet (perfect for those work from home days)! Also, in case you're curious -- my desk is from West Elm and I love, love, love it! 

How was your July? It seemed to go by so fast around here! We were just in Salt Lake City, and now we're in London -- SO crazy! And now August is almost here and we're starting the month the most amazing way we know how -- traveling abroad and fulfilling our teenage dreams of seeing the Eiffel Tower together, awwwh!

Hope you have an incredible week, friends! I promise to post here as often as possible, but don't forget that you can follow along on our London + Paris adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Here's to an amazing one!

-Chelsea xo