You may not know this about me, but I am a HUGE podcast lover! Home Decor, Small Business, Pop Culture, etc. -- I listen to all types of podcasts and can be usually be found listening to new (or well loved episodes) any time during the work week. I also love nothing more than discovering a new podcast to binge on, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my daily/recent favorites! Curious as to what podcasts I listen to when I'm in need of a little pick-me-up? Well, here's the low-down --

At Home With... - I've been a fan of Anna and Lily for years, so when I heard that they were putting out a podcast -- I might have let out a squeal! Perfect for anyone who loves a good nosey around someone's home and learning about new products (food, beauty and more) from the best in the business! 

Munchin With Moguls - A recent, but well loved addition to my podcast line-up! I've loved listening to these laid back conversations from some of my favorite influencers and small business owners. 

The Lively Show - A longtime favorite of mine that has covered so many different topics during its lifespan. The host, Jess, has also been traveling the world for the past year+ and right now she's in London -- a place I hear is perfect to visit this time of year. ;)

Breakfast For Dinner - Another favorite that I've been listening to just as long as the above -- Nicole and Dago have a way of making you feel like you're right there with them as they chat about pop culture, world news and their everyday life! 

My Favorite Murder - Ok, I can see how this one might not brighten your day (it is about murders, after all), but the humor between the two hosts is something that can't be replicated! If you love a mystery, a bit of horror and listening to just a good old chat -- I think you're going to love this one!

Bonus! The Heart of It - The latest project from YouTube guru Estee Lalonde just launched and I'm stoked to give it a good listen in the coming weeks. Check out her first episode (live now!) and let me know what you think! 

Alright, now it's your turn to spill the beans! Do you listen to podcasts? Have a favorite one that you can never miss an episode of? Let a gal know, as I'm always in need of more podcasts to get hooked on!
- Chelsea xo