Hello from the states! After 18 hours of travel, Scott and I arrived back in Phoenix on Thursday evening with full hearts and and a heavy dose of wanderlust. We truly couldn't be more grateful for this once in a lifetime experience, and look forward to telling our future kids and grandkids about our time in #London and #Paris in the years to come.

Since stepping foot back in our home (laying in our own bed felt sooo good), we've been doing our best to beat the jet lag (which is real, very real) and starting to get our home and everyday life back to a normal pace. We're mostly unpacked and situated once again, but I'm still finding myself wanting to greet people with "Bonjour" and thank them with a heavy dose of "Merci," haha. I'm sure it will all fade away here shortly, the jet lag and word choice that is, but until then -- here's a few posts and pieces that caught my eye this week -- 

-- I really enjoyed Household Mag's recent weekend post that featured all things road trip! While our next long haul road trip isn't anytime soon, I loved reading her suggestions and took notes to look back on in the future. Now, if only I could get Scott on the podcast bandwagon -- one day! 

-- My rad friend, Nicole, recently shared her thoughts on not waiting for permission and I couldn't love + needed her encouragement more! 

-- Bethany Menzel's bedroom update is pretty dreamy! Wouldn't you agree? xo

-- Raise your hand if you've tried the Levi Wedgie fit jeans? I'm in the market for a new pair of "mum jeans" and I've been hearing such good things about this pair! Let a gal know if you have!

-- Visiting the Sezane Library was a highlight for me of our time in Paris! The shop itself was stunning and the staff treated us to a hot espresso right on the spot! This classic bag from their collection may have come home with us --- just maybe! ;)

-- Fall is officially 40 days away and Tieka is giving off ALL the autumn vibes in this darling post! I know it's going to be still hot here in 40 days, but for now I'm going to pretend that cooler weather is on its way and that PSL season is almost here! 

In case you missed it on CB this week:

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-Chels xo