Happy Wednesday! The end of August is nearly here and this month seem to go by in a snap! We started off the beginning of August in England where we spent five days exploring the sights and sounds of London -- from the Tower of London to the ever hip Sketch, we truly began this month off in a magical place. From here, we spent six beautiful days in Paris where we drank double espressos every day, watched the Eiffel Tower twinkle, wandered through Monet's garden and saw the Mona Lisa in the flesh -- err, well - through like three panes of glass, but still -- she was right there! August was so, so good to us and the days we spent in London and Paris will stay with me forever and ever.

Ready for a few peeks into our home during the month of August? Without further ado -

-- Mid-August held some of the sleepiest days around here! Jet lag did not treat me well, sadly, so I spent a handful of days laying around, trying my best to stay awake and ultimately falling asleep way too early, haha. I think this cutie surely missed us, along with the other two parts of our trio!

-- Today (and every day's) motto! A simple reminder in our home to always work hard and be nice to people. I know I feature this corner often, but truth be told -- it's just my favorite. The Anthony Burrill print is a sweet reminder of our anniversary trip to Portland, and the oversized golden frame from Framebridge adds such character to the space. I am feeling the itch, though, for a new piece of art -- so if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

-- This West Elm planter + palm plant are the newest additions in our home! I'll be the first to admit that this plant is a big guy, but I kind of love the brightness he brings to the space! Plus, this corner is a bit of a challenge (the room is an odd size), and I love that he can just stand on his own and make the space feel complete.

How was your August? It went by crazy fast around here! We started the month in London, traveled to Paris and then back home once again! I feel like the second half of August was spent just trying to play catch from the days we were gone and getting back into the swing of daily life. However, we're ending the month on a great note and feeling excited for the season ahead!

I hope ya'll are having an amazing week! September is just days away and I would be lying if I said that I wasn't excited for the start of fall -- pumpkins, spooky movies and PSLs all around. I know it's cliche to be this excited, but if you've been following me throughout the years -- then you know that I mean business when it comes to fall vibes, haha!

-Chelsea xo