Happy Sunday, friends! I wanted to quickly pop in here to share five thoughts I've had spinning around in my head lately. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for the old skool days of blogging, so here's a piece inspired by the olden days of just sharing what was on your mind/what you're reading/what you're into at the moment (PS ABM has been writing similar pieces like this forever and they're some of my favorite posts come Sunday). Without further ado -- 

-- The fall collection from Sezane is AMAZING! I have my eye on this purse, but wouldn't mind having these boots either! 

-- Scott and I had the best time at the Junk In Trunk Vintage Market this weekend! We've been coming to this market for years, so it felt extra special to be a first-time vendor during their fall market. And even though we were working, I may have made a cheeky rug purchase in-between shifts -- promise to share about it soon!

-- I LOVE a good old YouTube haul video, so I really enjoyed watching this one from The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles today!  

-- With autumn just around the corner, I've got delicious fall foods on the mind! First up on my must-make list, this white chicken chili recipe by Salty Lashes!

-- My old skool blogging friend, Steffy, wrote an interesting post on if/how Instagram has changed her lifestyle choices -- it's definitely a must-read!

I hope ya'll had an amazing weekend! The days went by so quickly around here, but it was such a good one!

-Chelsea xo