Hello!  I'm back with the third part of our updated home tour! In case you missed my last two updated home tour posts, back in August our home was featured on the West Elm blog, Front + Main! Scott and I are both so honored and can't thank the amazing team at West Elm enough for writing up such a sweet piece on our little place! So I wanted to share the photos that were featured + a few more of our space as it is/was in the summer of 2017. Onto part 3 in the series -- our updated office tour!

Our office is a bright, clean and cozy room in the middle of our house! This space was meant to be a bit of a safe haven when I needed to focus and get things done (aka every Monday and Friday in our home!), and has proven to be just that. The room itself is fairly small (the smallest of all of our spaces, except for the bathroom), so keeping this space bright and clutter free was a must from day one. Our West Elm Mid-Century Mini Desk was the first purchase we made for this one (and we got it for a heck of a deal), and from there everything seemed to fall into place.

Along with being bright and airy, one of our favorite ways of decorating and bringing in a little warmth into any room is by mixing in a few houseplants throughout the space. This palm (that we picked up at Ikea) is massive, but I love him for that, haha! He adds so much life into this space! And the pot is? A favorite West Elm purchase from this summer!  

The media console is fairly new to the space! While I loved the idea of just having the desk to house all of our electronic + stationary needs, this extra storage space turned into a necessity when our printer + stacks of cords started to build up on the top of my workspace. Truth be told? Target does it again! This is the same style/brand of side tables we have in our bedroom and I love how easily it blends into our space! 

The only window in this room is surely not small, but it is mighty! I love the light that pours into this space during the mornings and early afternoons, and still find myself really enjoying this custom bench my love built for all the kitty sitting our bunch does throughout the week! It was one of the very first pieces we pulled together for this space, and it's loved just as much as ever (and yes -- I did check on that with the kitties, haha). 

The sweating man has become a staple piece in our home decor, along with our beloved Letterfolk board. You can often find quotes of favorite bands, welcome signs or even a Citizen HD pricing menu on here from time to time! This quote is from the first song we danced to at our wedding, Coffee by Copeland. 

And there you have it -- a full view of our updated office, summer 2017 edition! I'll be sharing our bedroom soon to wrap things up, but in case you can't wait to catch the next post -- get the full scoop on our house here! I hope ya'll are having an amazing week! The next few days are set to be super exciting around here -- Scott's birthday is on Saturday, we'll be selling at the Treasured Bazaar (Saturday as well), Halloween, my mom's birthday and something very exciting is happening next week -- promise to share ASAP! Be back soon, friends!

-Chelsea xo