We are exactly two weeks away from Christmas day and I truly can't believe how quickly the month has gone by! While Scott and I have been busy bees with our pop-up shops and holiday markets with Citizen HD, we've been trying to squeeze in all the holiday vibes + activities while we still can -- including non-stop Christmas music in the car to and from our events, ooing and awwhing every time we see a house fully decked out in lights and, of course -- taking part in all the festive treats we can get our hands on! We're actually hoping to host a few friends before the holidays come, and we figured what more perfect way then to celebrate with a DIY hot coco party! So today we're partnering up with the rad folks over at Framebridge to share how we amped up our dining space for the holidays with the help of one of their beautiful large frames, along with a few quick and easy steps on how to host a DIY hot coco party! 

You may or may not know this, but Scott and I live in a very tiny house -- our living room, kitchen and dining area all blend together in about 300 square feet. Knowing that our spaces all blend together, I've been working hard since we moved in last May to make each space feel like its own. Since our dining area is extra tiny, about 65 square feet, we really wanted a large piece that could help the area stand on its own -- along with making it feel ready and complete for the holidays!

I picked up this 24" x 36" desert print from Fine Life Co. a few months back and have been trying to decide on the perfect place to hang it. Knowing that our dining room was in need of an update for the holidays, I decided on framing it in the most gorgeous Richmond frame and placing it right above our dining table. We actually have another Richmond frame in the far corner of our living room, so while this one can stand on its own -- it feels complimentary to the other frame and space we have in this combined 300 square feet. And now that this piece is framed + hung up in its new home -- we're all set to get our hot coco on! 

DIY Hot Coco Bar Party --

Here's what you'll need:

1. Hot coco of your choice! We used pre-made peppermint hot coco packets from Target, but you can definitely make your own mix!

2. Toppings galore! Marshmallows are a must, but white chocolate peppermint pieces and candy canes are sure to be a nice touch. We also had whipped cream, sprinkles and cookies to dunk in the hot coco off to the side.

3. A little holiday flare! Gold paper straws, twinkle lights, flowers (this beautiful bunch is from a local shop -- Camelback Flowershop!), and sparkly stars for the table! Little touches that make the holiday celebrations feel extra shiny and bright!

4. A festive playlist! Apple Music and Spotify have their own amazing holiday playlists, but don't be afraid to create your own with all of your favorite holiday tunes included. 

5. Party guests! Gather your friends and family around for an afternoon or evening of hot coco, Christmas tunes and time together during the happiest time of the year!   

Adding in loads of toppings just might be my favorite part of making hot coco! I've always been ALL about the marshmallows, but lately I've been loving adding in bits of chocolate that I can swirl around and in either melt into the hot coco, or eat with a spoon once I get to the bottom of the cup -- I guess you could call it a double desert at that point, haha!

What kind of get togethers are you planning for the holiday season? Hot coco party? Christmas cookie exchange? White elephant party? They are so many reasons and ways to celebrate the season upon us and I am SO excited to get things rolling around here -- especially now that our space is feeling complete with our newly framed piece from Framebridge that really made such a huge impact in our tiny dining area! 

Have you guys ever used Framebridge's framing services before? Their quick and easy process goes like this -- you upload the image you want framed, either from your computer or Instagram (or send in a photo, art print, etc., that you already own in a pre-paid package -- which is what we did this time around), then you choose the size and matte type you would like, pick your frame and then send it off to be created and sent back to you with lots of love and care! Super easy, right? Scott and I have quite a collection of Framebridge pieces in our home and we honestly couldn't love each piece more -- all beautifully framed and proudly hanging in our tiny space! 

And if you're still in need of a gift, there's still time to give the gift of Framebridge to your family and friends this holiday season! Order digital photo gifts by 12/17 for guaranteed delivery by 12/23! I hope ya'll enjoyed this post and will host your own DIY hot coco party with your family and friends -- please let me know if you're planning on doing so! This would also be a fun idea for New Year's Eve and even post-Christmas on a blustery, wintery day! Here's to a wonderful week, friends, and I'll be back soon!

-Chelsea xo